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Transportation Issues in Urban Nepal and the Way Forward

Daily vehicular traffic in Nepal’s metropolises, most notably in Kathmandu Valley, has been on significant rise over the past decade. Increasing inward migration, growing number of vehicles (both 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers), violation of traffic rules and regulations, and limited and narrower roads in the valley’s major areas are some of the key factors responsible for… Continue reading Transportation Issues in Urban Nepal and the Way Forward

Cities & Metropolises

Why Cities Matter?

I arrived in Nepalgunj, a rising major metropolis in Western Nepal, from Jumla, a mid-hill district in the same region and my hometown, for the first time in late 1900s to meet my father who worked in one of government offices there. But few years later, in early 2000s, I came to Kathmandu, country’s Capital… Continue reading Why Cities Matter?

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Smart Cities and Nepal

The term ‘smart city’ is not a new concept for Nepalis who live in the country’s urban areas. Most commonly, it has long been used by urban planners while planning solutions for cities’ multiple problems caused due to increasing rural to urban migration and subsequent haphazard urbanisation practices across major towns in the country. However,… Continue reading Smart Cities and Nepal

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