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Links for 03/12/16

Budget versus project aid: A tradeoff between control and efficiency Building public confidence in aid by putting the poorest first Investors retreat from European bond and equity funds Is Globalization Dead? A Different View of the Data Says No It’s Time for a New Measurement of Prosperity Modi to 'Amazonize' $400 billion in state bids… Continue reading Links for 03/12/16

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Links for 02/12/16

China’s New Two Child Policy: Too Little, Too Late Deconstructing Branko Milanovic’s “Elephant Chart”: Does It Show What Everyone Thinks? Global migration’s impact and opportunity In India, Black Money Makes for Bad Policy Interview - World's growing inequality is "ticking time bomb" - Nobel laureate Yunus. Mapping Frontier Economies Some concrete proposals for economists and… Continue reading Links for 02/12/16

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Links for 25/10/16

Digital dividends Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2016 - Key findings Government bonds - Who’s scary now? How Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul I Love the U.N., but It Is Failing Infrastructure, investment, inclusive growth: key BRICS goals International Classification of non-tariff measures (2012 Version) Living in China’s Expanding Deserts Media (R)evolutions: What makes you… Continue reading Links for 25/10/16