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Links for 16/12/16

Black-White Earnings Gap Remains at 1950s Levels for Median Worker Donald Trump Should Know: This Is What Climate Change Costs Us How data maps are transforming the fight against malaria in Zambia South Asia: Regional Integration And Greater Economic Freedom Will Boost Growth And Prosperity – Analysis The shifting natural wealth of nations What are… Continue reading Links for 16/12/16

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Links for 10/12/16

Cellphones have lifted hundreds of thousands of Kenyans out of poverty India’s cash bonfire is too much, too soon India cash crisis: 100,000 villages promised electronic payment machines Mapping Three Decades of Global Water Change Nepal: A costly constitution Singapore's 'silver tsunami': how the city-state depends on its elderly workforce The Geopolitics of Populism Three… Continue reading Links for 10/12/16

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Links for 23/10/16

All the World’s Immigration Visualized in 1 Map Are Americans better off than they were a decade or two ago? Are technology and globalization destined to drive up inequality? Asia Needs to Spell Out Changes They Want in International Monetary System Drones to deliver drugs in remote Costa Rica Ending Poverty in China: How NGOs… Continue reading Links for 23/10/16