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Cereal Yield: Nepal Vs World

Recent updates by Oxford researcher Max Roser and his team at OurWorldInData on changing cereal yield patterns between 1961 and 2014 show interesting trends for Nepal. Though global yield has increased by 180% during last five decades, the growth in Nepal is rather poor. Though less than 20% of country's land in cultivable, Nepal's 65.7% citizens… Continue reading Cereal Yield: Nepal Vs World

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Barriers to Innovative Entrepreneurship in Nepal

It is natural that people from different parts of Nepal, depending upon their backgrounds and levels of understanding, will explain reasons behind country's poor economic performance in different ways. Despite all these differences, in my personal opinion, they agree on one fact - innovation drives economic growth. In fact, in 2015's Enterprising States and Cities… Continue reading Barriers to Innovative Entrepreneurship in Nepal

Business360° Magazine

BRIDGING THE GAP – Emerging Technology Increase People’s Access To Finance

January 2017 remained a very important month for smartphone users in Nepal, mainly for two big reasons. First, the iPhone was celebrating its tenth anniversary and the second, Nepal Telecom (NT) was launchingLTE-based 4G services for its postpaid GSM users in Kathmandu and Pokhara effective from day one of this year. When late Apple co-founder… Continue reading BRIDGING THE GAP – Emerging Technology Increase People’s Access To Finance

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Beware Trumponomics

The economic policies of the incoming US president do not bode well for Nepal Later today, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. When he had announced his candidacy in June 2015, no one really took him seriously. But he started winning the primaries one after another to become… Continue reading Beware Trumponomics

The Kathmandu Post

Can Nepalis Think?

There are three groups of people in this country—complainers, planners and doers Can Nepalis think? This is perhaps one of the most common questions to which thousands of countrymen are seeking a sincere answer. I see all of them considering the problems that modern Nepal faces and the events that led to the current situation.… Continue reading Can Nepalis Think?

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