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Links for 15/11/16

25 Must-Follow NGOs in Africa A brief history of the international monetary system since Bretton Woods Agribusiness can help to unlock the true potential of Africa Marx as Educator Rs 71.17 million doled out to politicians from state coffers as medical expense Should the Middle Class Fear the World’s Poor? Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong on… Continue reading Links for 15/11/16

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Links for 02/11/16

A Waterfight Like No Other May Be Brewing Over Asia’s Rivers Addressing Urbanization Challenges in Pakistan China’s stable growth raises doubts Conflict in Africa: Why It Persists Multinationals ignore India’s bottom billion at their peril Nepal drains dangerous Everest lake Prominent Economists, Including Eight Nobel Laureates: ‘Do Not Vote for Donald Trump’ Ten Big Ideas:… Continue reading Links for 02/11/16