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A Blueprint for Measuring Health Care Outcomes Bill Gates will lead new $1 billion clean energy fund Ethiopia Health Extension Program : An Institutionalized Community Approach for Universal Health Coverage If we develop Africa’s bioeconomy it will be as transformative for us as digital has been Microfinance in India Growing Fast Again: Should We Be… Continue reading Links for 13/12/16

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China’s New Two Child Policy: Too Little, Too Late Deconstructing Branko Milanovic’s “Elephant Chart”: Does It Show What Everyone Thinks? Global migration’s impact and opportunity In India, Black Money Makes for Bad Policy Interview - World's growing inequality is "ticking time bomb" - Nobel laureate Yunus. Mapping Frontier Economies Some concrete proposals for economists and… Continue reading Links for 02/12/16

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Links for 27/11/16

Bengal Famine Of 1943 - A Man-Made Holocaust Improving people’s financial decision-making Income Inequality Radical NGO proposal shadows Modi demonetization The Big Benefits Of Small Business Saturday The New Game of Global Tech The world's fastest mode of transport could soon be here This visualization shows you 35 years of US income inequality U.S.-Cuba Relations… Continue reading Links for 27/11/16

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Links for 26/11/16

Beijing's Inefficient Economics Policies Bridging the “missing middle” between microfinance and SME finance in South Asia Four Nations Are Winning the Global War for Talent How Much Government Debt Rests Upon Your Shoulders? How the Rich Are Getting Richer: Dean Baker Scientific papers get more authors The value of trading relationships in turbulent times What… Continue reading Links for 26/11/16

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Links for 20/11/16

America's surprising views on income inequality Child labour in India: an uncertain future? Could Poverty be History? Nepali Migrants In India Struggling To Cope With Demonetisation Progress Isn't Natural Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It. The effect of migration on foreign direct investment What economists think about Donald Trump’s 100-day plan What… Continue reading Links for 20/11/16

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Links for 19/11/16

6 key challenges to achieving universal access to sanitation by 2030 Conference on Income Inequality and Inclusive Growth Getting to the root of social issues in Singapore Hysteresis and fiscal policy during the Global Crisis Incomplete contracts The Stability and Growth Pact: Econometrics and its consequences for human beings UK-EU relations after Brexit: What is… Continue reading Links for 19/11/16

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Links for 12/11/16

A country divided by counties A Trump Vision for Asia Alibaba smashes its sales record on Singles’ Day, despite concerns of slowing growth Dalit Muslims of India Facebook, Twitter & Trump Neoliberalism: Oversold? Sanders Statement on Trump Social Media Update 2016 The effect of migration on foreign direct investment The Evolving Independent Economy

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Links for 08/11/16

A Sea Change: The New Migration from sub-Saharan Africa Aid in kind - Free two shoes An Agenda for Inclusive Growth China’s New Cybersecurity Rules May Block Western Innovation Donald Trump and a World of Distrust Gwadar, ‘the great monument to Pakistan-China friendship’ Know your facts: Poverty numbers New Chinese ambassador Yu arrives in Kathmandu… Continue reading Links for 08/11/16

Migration & Development

Interesting linkages between natural calamities, labor migration & remittances

According to World Bank's recent Migration and Development Brief, remittances to labor-sending developing countries rise in the aftermath of a disaster. Moreover, those countries witness gradual increase in remittances in following years if extreme disasters, climatic & geological, affect more than 10% of the population - All developing nations saw rise in remittances by about 2% of… Continue reading Interesting linkages between natural calamities, labor migration & remittances