Natural Disasters

South Asian Floods

Each year, thousands of lives are lost to floods in South Asia - most notably in Bangladesh, India and Nepal - at least 1200 people have been killed so far in the most recent floods in these three countries alone. For the September 02 Asia Pacific Issue, The Economist has dedicated its cover story on… Continue reading South Asian Floods

Business360° Magazine

Innovations in Healthcare Industry in Nepal

Citizens’ good health has positive and significant impacts on economic growth of a nation. Researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, in a 2001 study, found that a one-year advancement in society’s life expectancy increases output by four percent. Though researches afterwards have confirmed varying relationship between health and economic growth across the… Continue reading Innovations in Healthcare Industry in Nepal

Politics & Development

GDP Per capita – Cuba Vs SAARC countries (1990 – 2014)

In 1990 Cuba's GDP per capital value was higher by almost four times than that of SAARC's most prosperous nation then - Sri Lanka. With an exception of Maldives & Afghanistan (for which data were missing), the performance of remaining five South Asian countries was even worse. Twenty-four years later, Cuba's GDP per capita exceeded $19,000 despite US Government's… Continue reading GDP Per capita – Cuba Vs SAARC countries (1990 – 2014)

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Against all odds - What is driving poverty reduction in Nepal? Child poverty in middle-income countries China Slowdown Deepens Looming Pension Crisis Driving to the future - The development of connected cars Hard Brexit, Hard Landing? India looks east Measuring inequality isn’t easy or straightforward - Here’s why Paris climate change agreement enters into force… Continue reading Links for 05/11/16