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Links for 04/12/16

$100 Billion Chinese-Made City Near Singapore 'Scares the Hell Out of Everybody' A new global research agenda for food Breaking the Link Between Extreme Weather and Extreme Poverty During the downturn, America's poor helped each other more. The rich pitched in less. Financial Literacy Is Still Abysmal Everywhere Focus on girls’ education leaves boys behind… Continue reading Links for 04/12/16

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Links for 21/11/16

Curbing the role of “king cash” in crime India cracks down on its illicit economy Dealing with zombie enterprises in China Does foreign aid harm political institutions? Globalization’s Last Gasp Inclusive Growth Depends on Cities The End of Identity Liberalism The ten years of peace without prosperity in Nepal Why the Global 1% and the… Continue reading Links for 21/11/16

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Links for 19/11/16

6 key challenges to achieving universal access to sanitation by 2030 Conference on Income Inequality and Inclusive Growth Getting to the root of social issues in Singapore Hysteresis and fiscal policy during the Global Crisis Incomplete contracts The Stability and Growth Pact: Econometrics and its consequences for human beings UK-EU relations after Brexit: What is… Continue reading Links for 19/11/16