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Links for 21/12/16

2016: A year of change, turbulence and public impact 9 Sustainable Business Stories That Shaped 2016 A history of global living conditions in 5 charts ‘Asian Super Grid’ dreams of connecting the world with clean energy Mobile phones are transforming Africa Religion and Education Around the World: Large gaps in education levels persist, but all… Continue reading Links for 21/12/16

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Links for 29/11/16

Big innovations require big investment Demonetization is a foolish step… The poor will suffer the most: Prof Arun Kumar Economists are prone to fads, and the latest is machine learning In India, Black Money Makes for Bad Policy Innovation begins at home with the Internet of Caring Things Is Brazil's contribution to global development at… Continue reading Links for 29/11/16

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GDP Per capita – Cuba Vs SAARC countries (1990 – 2014)

In 1990 Cuba's GDP per capital value was higher by almost four times than that of SAARC's most prosperous nation then - Sri Lanka. With an exception of Maldives & Afghanistan (for which data were missing), the performance of remaining five South Asian countries was even worse. Twenty-four years later, Cuba's GDP per capita exceeded $19,000 despite US Government's… Continue reading GDP Per capita – Cuba Vs SAARC countries (1990 – 2014)

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Links for 26/11/16

Beijing's Inefficient Economics Policies Bridging the “missing middle” between microfinance and SME finance in South Asia Four Nations Are Winning the Global War for Talent How Much Government Debt Rests Upon Your Shoulders? How the Rich Are Getting Richer: Dean Baker Scientific papers get more authors The value of trading relationships in turbulent times What… Continue reading Links for 26/11/16