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Asia can gain from more FDI, freer trade: ADB Donald Trump is TIME's Person of the Year 2016 Economic growth in the United States: A tale of two countries European Populism in the Age of Donald Trump

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Links for 24/11/16

13 Economists Caution Against 'Untenable Inequality' A big free-trade deal’s demise leaves a worrying void in Asia Autumn Statement 2016: some of the things we've announced Doing Business Should Stop Promoting Tax Competition Donald Trump’s New York Times Interview: Full Transcript Nepal's earthquake-hit Boudhanath stupa reopens after restoration NYRB - The War on Terror vs.… Continue reading Links for 24/11/16

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Asean still the critical catalyst for China's future Charitable Giving Is Up, But Only Among the Wealthy Crappy water and the science of sanitation Fake News, Hate Speech and Social Media Abuse: What’s the Solution? How the Tech Industry Can Lead in the Trump Era The Closing of the Academic Mind The Rebel Economist Who… Continue reading Links for 23/11/16

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Links for 20/11/16

America's surprising views on income inequality Child labour in India: an uncertain future? Could Poverty be History? Nepali Migrants In India Struggling To Cope With Demonetisation Progress Isn't Natural Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It. The effect of migration on foreign direct investment What economists think about Donald Trump’s 100-day plan What… Continue reading Links for 20/11/16

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Links for 18/11/16

Aftermath: Sixteen Writers on Trump's America Demystifying Economic Inequality in Nepal Donald Trump’s First, Alarming Week as President-Elect Independent work: Choice, necessity, and the gig economy India: Narendra Modi’s bonfire of the rupees Joy to the world South Korea’s Leadership Crisis The Two Americas of 2016 We must rethink globalization, or Trumpism will prevail Thomas… Continue reading Links for 18/11/16

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Links for 14/11/16

A closer look at demonetisation A Global Investor, Concerned by World Politics Developing key capabilities is key to staying relevant - Singapore Smart Nation Donald Trump’s rise to power, seen through The Economist’s front covers Feeling homeless in one's own country India’s cash recall chaos sparks growing backlash The Lessons of Henry Kissinger The Secret… Continue reading Links for 14/11/16

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Links for 13/11/16

Bernie Sanders: Where the Democrats Go From Here Donald Trump presidency: Memo from an old friend of the US How India's currency ban is hurting the poor Malaysian central bank intervenes after ringgit falls Over 70 Nations Have Been Led by Women. So Why Not the U.S.? Prosperity for All Schoolchildren Left Behind What Does… Continue reading Links for 13/11/16

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Links for 10/11/16

10 Big Ideas in Inequality Donald Trump's first 100 days: what's in the in-tray? Income inequality boosted Trump vote Is the Gig Economy Cannibalizing or Creating Jobs? Here’s Some Early Evidence Negative interest rates: absolutely everything you need to know The Economist’s guide to the 2016 presidential election The forces that drove this election’s media… Continue reading Links for 10/11/16

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Links for 09/11/16

101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication: How researchers are getting to grip with the myriad of new tools Donald Trump is moving to the White House, and liberals put him there Donald Trump triggers political earthquake Election 2016: Exit Polls First, create an Office of Opportunity How Trump won: The revenge of working-class whites How Trump… Continue reading Links for 09/11/16

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US Election 2016

As a development economics professional, I see neither of the Presidential candidates for this year's US election are best fits for the Oval Office; Clinton for misusing US authorities for personal gains and Trump for tax evasion attempts and his past extra marital affairs. However, like some of the US economists who endorsed Clinton for the next US… Continue reading US Election 2016