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US Election 2016

As a development economics professional, I see neither of the Presidential candidates for this year’s US election are best fits for the Oval Office; Clinton for misusing US authorities for personal gains and Trump for tax evasion attempts and his past extra marital affairs. However, like some of the US economists who endorsed Clinton for the next US President, I also believe that Clinton would be the safer option for Americans to vote for.

Last year, a friend of mine and I wrote a paper on how 2010 Citizens United decision had affected US Federal election afterwards. Leaving behind other factors constant, we found the policy changes in post-Citizens United era favored the Republican candidates. Our study found that money hugely affecting  American general elections and the Republicans were benefiting a lot from policy changes in 2010.

As the Americans vote for their next President today, I have come across an another factor that also plays crucial roles in deciding election outcomes. In spite of receiving huge donations by the Republicans, the voters tend to support a candidate who has had good public image in the past. A evidence to this statement is observation in all major recent elections forecasts – Clinton is leading all of them with large margins.