Links for 30/12/16

An iPhone’s Journey, From the Factory Floor to the Retail Store David Autor: Why are there still so many jobs? Denialism on Trade Fake Academe, Looking Much Like the Real Thing Global Threat Forecast 2017 How Facebook Learns About Your Offline Life Kathmandu or Dustmandu? (Photo Feature) Lazy Nationalist Populism: Globalisation and Inequality on the …

Links for 27/12/16

Demonetisation Decimates Ranchi’s Economy Growth, Not Forced Equality, Saves the Poor India's working women Meet Henry Orenstein, The Man Who Changed how the World Plays Staff crunch dogs NRA since birth The Gig Economy Is Powered by Old People Trump Should Read India’s Playbook for Taunting China

Links for 26/12/16

Charles Dickens on Seeing the Poor Demonetisation hits money laundering market in Delhi; only 5 per cent hawala survived note ban The churn in economic policy thinking The declining productivity of education The failures of capitalism have led to Brexit and a Donald Trump presidency

Links for 15/12/16

A universal basic income: the answer to poverty, insecurity, and health inequality? From design to reality - infographic Increased investment in renewable energy is key to spur sustainable growth in Emerging Asia India’s Botched War on Cash Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines ‘the bright spots of ASEAN’ Integrating aftershock forecasting into humanitarian decision-making: lessons from the April …

Links for 14/12/16

Immigration and the macroeconomy: Some new empirical evidence Origins of happiness: Evidence and policy implications The 5 biggest lies of global capitalism The glass ceiling in Japan and South Korea The ‘One China’ policy explained War on black money: Demonetisation is a courageous reform that will bring substantive benefits

Links for 12/12/16

'Endless Trouble' For India If China-Nepal Project Opposed: Chinese State Media How should we compensate the losers from globalisation? India’s Demonetization Disaster India's Soaring Aviation Market Recessions happen. But how often? The American Dream, Quantified at Last Trump and the End of the West?

Links for 10/12/16

Cellphones have lifted hundreds of thousands of Kenyans out of poverty India’s cash bonfire is too much, too soon India cash crisis: 100,000 villages promised electronic payment machines Mapping Three Decades of Global Water Change Nepal: A costly constitution Singapore's 'silver tsunami': how the city-state depends on its elderly workforce The Geopolitics of Populism Three …

Links for 07/12/16

A Dilemma for Humanity: Stark Inequality or Total War Al Gore: The Road Forward on Climate China Is Transforming Southeast Asia Faster Than Ever Demonetiser’s dilemma The interest rate effect on private saving: Alternative perspectives The Last Diplomat The Problem With One-Size-Fits-All Health Insurance TPP, RCEP, FTAAP: A user's guide to alphabet soup of trade …

Links for 02/12/16

China’s New Two Child Policy: Too Little, Too Late Deconstructing Branko Milanovic’s “Elephant Chart”: Does It Show What Everyone Thinks? Global migration’s impact and opportunity In India, Black Money Makes for Bad Policy Interview - World's growing inequality is "ticking time bomb" - Nobel laureate Yunus. Mapping Frontier Economies Some concrete proposals for economists and …