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A Dilemma for Humanity: Stark Inequality or Total War Al Gore: The Road Forward on Climate China Is Transforming Southeast Asia Faster Than Ever Demonetiser’s dilemma The interest rate effect on private saving: Alternative perspectives The Last Diplomat The Problem With One-Size-Fits-All Health Insurance TPP, RCEP, FTAAP: A user's guide to alphabet soup of trade… Continue reading Links for 07/12/16

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Links for 04/12/16

$100 Billion Chinese-Made City Near Singapore 'Scares the Hell Out of Everybody' A new global research agenda for food Breaking the Link Between Extreme Weather and Extreme Poverty During the downturn, America's poor helped each other more. The rich pitched in less. Financial Literacy Is Still Abysmal Everywhere Focus on girls’ education leaves boys behind… Continue reading Links for 04/12/16

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Links for 01/12/16

ASEAN still the critical catalyst for China’s future Asia Is About to Face a Significant Dollar Stress Test Blood pressure now a ‘condition of poverty’ Can data-sharing improve public services? Lessons for Parliament Defending globalisation: Isolation would cost us dearly Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2016: Year-end Update How China Views… Continue reading Links for 01/12/16