Links for 26/12/16

Charles Dickens on Seeing the Poor Demonetisation hits money laundering market in Delhi; only 5 per cent hawala survived note ban The churn in economic policy thinking The declining productivity of education The failures of capitalism have led to Brexit and a Donald Trump presidency

Links for 25/12/16

Beyond Brexit: When are the Least Developed Countries Not the Least Developed? Is Donald Trump’s Trade Talk Confusing on Purpose? It is not easy to federate a country as old as Nepal The Destructive Power of Inflation The Year in Illustration

Links for 23/12/16

Haitians, Africans, Asians How the interactions of monetary and regulatory policies may have been ahead of the anti-globalisation backlash Nobel economist Angus Deaton on a year of political earthquakes The Most Dangerous People on the Internet in 2016 The most defining moments of 2016, according to 6 global leaders

Links for 20/12/16

At least one-fifth of people from these countries lives abroad Beyond Brexit: How Do You Spend £1.3bn of Aid? Nine New Findings About Inequality in the United States The Era of American Global Leadership Is Over. Here’s What Comes Next

Links for 11/12/16

Barely Half of 30-Year-Olds Earn More Than Their Parents China’s Civilizational Diplomacy Ending Religious Violence in the Middle East Reducing Poverty in China by Connecting Farmers to Markets The Complexity of Inequality The hipster hunger for superfoods is starving India’s adivasis The lakes of the world are disappearing – in pictures

Links for 07/12/16

A Dilemma for Humanity: Stark Inequality or Total War Al Gore: The Road Forward on Climate China Is Transforming Southeast Asia Faster Than Ever Demonetiser’s dilemma The interest rate effect on private saving: Alternative perspectives The Last Diplomat The Problem With One-Size-Fits-All Health Insurance TPP, RCEP, FTAAP: A user's guide to alphabet soup of trade …

Links for 30/11/16

A smooth post-Brexit transition will be vitally important Drivers of wealth persistence across generations Myanmar industrial park grows swiftly into global center Overview of e-commerce in Southeast Asia Poor execution mars demonetisation scheme Singapore must avoid deep divisions as seen in UK, US: PM Lee The Electoral Consequences of Globalization The ‘Entrepreneur Gap’ Facing Women …

Links for 25/11/16

Esther Duflo on Poverty: It’s Not Just the Lack of Money Fleeing from Italy Globalisation and Brexit If animals have rights, should robots? Inside Nepal's post-quake 'maker space' Pollution from India and China has reached the stratosphere Science Done by Couples What Economists Expect from a Donald Trump Economy Why is the Ethiopian diaspora so …

Links for 24/11/16

13 Economists Caution Against 'Untenable Inequality' A big free-trade deal’s demise leaves a worrying void in Asia Autumn Statement 2016: some of the things we've announced Doing Business Should Stop Promoting Tax Competition Donald Trump’s New York Times Interview: Full Transcript Nepal's earthquake-hit Boudhanath stupa reopens after restoration NYRB - The War on Terror vs. …

Links for 19/11/16

6 key challenges to achieving universal access to sanitation by 2030 Conference on Income Inequality and Inclusive Growth Getting to the root of social issues in Singapore Hysteresis and fiscal policy during the Global Crisis Incomplete contracts The Stability and Growth Pact: Econometrics and its consequences for human beings UK-EU relations after Brexit: What is …