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Beware Trumponomics

The economic policies of the incoming US president do not bode well for Nepal Later today, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. When he had announced his candidacy in June 2015, no one really took him seriously. But he started winning the primaries one after another to become… Continue reading Beware Trumponomics

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Links for 25/12/16

Beyond Brexit: When are the Least Developed Countries Not the Least Developed? Is Donald Trump’s Trade Talk Confusing on Purpose? It is not easy to federate a country as old as Nepal The Destructive Power of Inflation The Year in Illustration

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Links for 13/12/16

A Blueprint for Measuring Health Care Outcomes Bill Gates will lead new $1 billion clean energy fund Ethiopia Health Extension Program : An Institutionalized Community Approach for Universal Health Coverage If we develop Africa’s bioeconomy it will be as transformative for us as digital has been Microfinance in India Growing Fast Again: Should We Be… Continue reading Links for 13/12/16

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Links for 06/12/16

Fighting for the Poor Under Trump Foreign aid is failing fast – but it's not too late to fix How to Gain Support for Trade: Stop Rigging It to Redistribute Upward If Trump’s America shrinks humanitarian support, will China fill the void? Six maps that show the anatomy of America’s vast infrastructure Trade, Facts, and… Continue reading Links for 06/12/16

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Links for 05/12/16

10 Social Media Strategies That Increase Engagement and Inspire Donors Aid projects in Tanzania Being a Scholar in the Digital Era: Transforming Scholarly Practice for the Public Good China - Taiwan relations Don’t expect a rerun of the Asian Financial Crisis Fake news and US Presidential Election How facebook is transforming disaster response Is Trade With… Continue reading Links for 05/12/16

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Links for 03/12/16

Budget versus project aid: A tradeoff between control and efficiency Building public confidence in aid by putting the poorest first Investors retreat from European bond and equity funds Is Globalization Dead? A Different View of the Data Says No It’s Time for a New Measurement of Prosperity Modi to 'Amazonize' $400 billion in state bids… Continue reading Links for 03/12/16

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Links for 30/11/16

A smooth post-Brexit transition will be vitally important Drivers of wealth persistence across generations Myanmar industrial park grows swiftly into global center Overview of e-commerce in Southeast Asia Poor execution mars demonetisation scheme Singapore must avoid deep divisions as seen in UK, US: PM Lee The Electoral Consequences of Globalization The ‘Entrepreneur Gap’ Facing Women… Continue reading Links for 30/11/16

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Links for 21/11/16

Curbing the role of “king cash” in crime India cracks down on its illicit economy Dealing with zombie enterprises in China Does foreign aid harm political institutions? Globalization’s Last Gasp Inclusive Growth Depends on Cities The End of Identity Liberalism The ten years of peace without prosperity in Nepal Why the Global 1% and the… Continue reading Links for 21/11/16