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Links for 04/11/16

10 Frontier Technologies for International Development Afghanistan's corruption epidemic is wasting billions in aid British aid to fund tech hub Facebook has connected 40M people with Internet.org Former Maoist child combatants express disappointment over joining the rebellion Internet of Things can be found everywhere, except in GDP data NGOs in Asia-Pacific pivot toward disaster resilience… Continue reading Links for 04/11/16

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Links for 03/11/16

Alkire Foster method Bringing the Power of the Internet to the Next Billion and Beyond Community-generated data crucial for implementing New Urban Agenda Demographics and Development Entrepreneurs help rebuild Nepal amid quake recovery delays If you want it done right India and Nepal must build on their unique political, social and economic ties New imperatives… Continue reading Links for 03/11/16

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Links for 02/11/16

A Waterfight Like No Other May Be Brewing Over Asia’s Rivers Addressing Urbanization Challenges in Pakistan China’s stable growth raises doubts Conflict in Africa: Why It Persists Multinationals ignore India’s bottom billion at their peril Nepal drains dangerous Everest lake Prominent Economists, Including Eight Nobel Laureates: ‘Do Not Vote for Donald Trump’ Ten Big Ideas:… Continue reading Links for 02/11/16


Moving away from desktop commerce era to mobile commerce era

In October 2016, the numbers of internet users on mobile and tablet exceeded internet users on desktop computers for the first time in the history. This is a clear indication that we are heading towards more sophisticated mobile commerce. An earlier study by ABIresearch (2012) had predicted that in 2017, the share of global mobile commerce… Continue reading Moving away from desktop commerce era to mobile commerce era

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Links for 01/11/16

A Little-Noticed Fact About Trade: It’s No Longer Rising Digital globalization: The new era of global flows For Japan to attract tourists, marketing is key One of the Top Frontier Markets Gets Ready for Privatization Boost Problem-driven Design: Zooming in for a Ten Millimeter View The economic theory behind why Americans spend more money on… Continue reading Links for 01/11/16

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Links for 31/10/16

China's AIIB: a surprisingly normal bank Compulsory voting, turnout, and government spending: Evidence from Austria Ending poverty in China: What explains great poverty reduction and a simultaneous increase in inequality in rural areas? Nothing comes for free These are the world's five biggest slums Werner Herzog marvels at the internet What big data tells us… Continue reading Links for 31/10/16

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Links for 30/10/16

Bad Growth vs Good Growth: How to Protect the Earth and Have a Vibrant, More Equitable Market Economy Bright prospects for global recovery China’s model of economic development is becoming more popular in Africa than America’s How Transparent Are Development Finance Institutions? How will we enforce post-Brexit trade deals? Signals suggest India and China on… Continue reading Links for 30/10/16

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Links for 29/10/16

Charts: The extraordinary decoupling between economic growth and carbon pollution is happening Financial Literacy Is Still Abysmal Everywhere For the people, by the people: How inclusive design can help tackle extreme poverty Japanese inflation: telling your core from your core-core Mosul battle shows link between war and environmental degradation, says U.N. agency President hands over… Continue reading Links for 29/10/16

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Links for 28/10/16

A Dangerous Standoff in Venezuela An anatomy of inclusive growth in Europe Fast-Forwarding to a Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation How Ireland is shaping the future of connected cars How should we measure economic progress? Inequality As Policy: Selective Trade Protectionism Favors Higher Earners Making “Made in Africa” Last Mapping Africa's natural resources Politicians… Continue reading Links for 28/10/16

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Links for 27/10/16

Asia’s Persistent Savings Glut Demographics and markets: The effects of ageing Energy poverty is a real problem. Coal is a bogus solution From Drought to Green Revolution? Malawi’s—and Africa’s—Quest for Food Security Income distribution and aggregate saving: New evidence Income inequality through decades and books Living in an Extreme Meritocracy Is Exhausting Nepal slips eight… Continue reading Links for 27/10/16