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GDP Per capita – Cuba Vs SAARC countries (1990 – 2014)

In 1990 Cuba's GDP per capital value was higher by almost four times than that of SAARC's most prosperous nation then - Sri Lanka. With an exception of Maldives & Afghanistan (for which data were missing), the performance of remaining five South Asian countries was even worse. Twenty-four years later, Cuba's GDP per capita exceeded $19,000 despite US Government's… Continue reading GDP Per capita – Cuba Vs SAARC countries (1990 – 2014)

Politics & Development

US Election 2016

As a development economics professional, I see neither of the Presidential candidates for this year's US election are best fits for the Oval Office; Clinton for misusing US authorities for personal gains and Trump for tax evasion attempts and his past extra marital affairs. However, like some of the US economists who endorsed Clinton for the next US… Continue reading US Election 2016