Clusters & Competitiveness

Vision beyond connecting last two districts into Nepal’s national road network

It has been almost three months since Dolpa, the largest and one of the most remote districts in Nepal, got connected to the national road network. It took six years for Nepal Army to complete 104 km section of the 117.77 km Jajarkot – Dolpa Road with an investment of over 600 million NRs.

The road is expected to touch Dunai, Dolpa’s district headquarter in next nine months. But given geological complications and frequent landslide incidents in neighboring Jajarkot, Rukum and Dolpa districts; proper maintenance of the road after its completion would remain a major challenge for locals and related public and private stakeholders.

As Nepal waits to connect only remaining district, Humla, to the national road network, we should also be working to foster tourism in Karnali and also towards establishing Nepal as a best possible trade-bridge between China and India – two of the world’s most populous and most active economies.


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