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China's AIIB: a surprisingly normal bank Compulsory voting, turnout, and government spending: Evidence from Austria Ending poverty in China: What explains great poverty reduction and a simultaneous increase in inequality in rural areas? Nothing comes for free These are the world's five biggest slums Werner Herzog marvels at the internet What big data tells us… Continue reading Links for 31/10/16

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Links for 30/10/16

Bad Growth vs Good Growth: How to Protect the Earth and Have a Vibrant, More Equitable Market Economy Bright prospects for global recovery China’s model of economic development is becoming more popular in Africa than America’s How Transparent Are Development Finance Institutions? How will we enforce post-Brexit trade deals? Signals suggest India and China on… Continue reading Links for 30/10/16

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Links for 29/10/16

Charts: The extraordinary decoupling between economic growth and carbon pollution is happening Financial Literacy Is Still Abysmal Everywhere For the people, by the people: How inclusive design can help tackle extreme poverty Japanese inflation: telling your core from your core-core Mosul battle shows link between war and environmental degradation, says U.N. agency President hands over… Continue reading Links for 29/10/16

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Links for 28/10/16

A Dangerous Standoff in Venezuela An anatomy of inclusive growth in Europe Fast-Forwarding to a Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation How Ireland is shaping the future of connected cars How should we measure economic progress? Inequality As Policy: Selective Trade Protectionism Favors Higher Earners Making “Made in Africa” Last Mapping Africa's natural resources Politicians… Continue reading Links for 28/10/16

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Links for 27/10/16

Asia’s Persistent Savings Glut Demographics and markets: The effects of ageing Energy poverty is a real problem. Coal is a bogus solution From Drought to Green Revolution? Malawi’s—and Africa’s—Quest for Food Security Income distribution and aggregate saving: New evidence Income inequality through decades and books Living in an Extreme Meritocracy Is Exhausting Nepal slips eight… Continue reading Links for 27/10/16

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Links for 26/10/16

Africa’s community of evidence-informed policymakers is growing fast Asia-Pacific Analysis: R&D spending boosts development Barpak rising from the rubble How the U.S. Can Lead the Fight Against Global Inequality Keep it in the ground: renewable energy breaks new records Linking taxation and social protection - Evidence on redistribution and poverty reduction in Ethiopia Reconnecting Asia… Continue reading Links for 26/10/16

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Links for 25/10/16

Digital dividends Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2016 - Key findings Government bonds - Who’s scary now? How Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul I Love the U.N., but It Is Failing Infrastructure, investment, inclusive growth: key BRICS goals International Classification of non-tariff measures (2012 Version) Living in China’s Expanding Deserts Media (R)evolutions: What makes you… Continue reading Links for 25/10/16

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Links for 24/10/16

Domestic violence against women high among poor Here’s What Economists Don’t Understand About Race King Bhumibol of Thailand’s real legacy: remarkable political legitimacy Rethinking Capital Controls The Cure for Cancer is Data - Mountains of Data Two billion more people will live in cities by 2035. This could be good – or very bad Wave… Continue reading Links for 24/10/16

Clusters & Competitiveness

Vision beyond connecting last two districts into Nepal’s national road network

It has been almost three months since Dolpa, the largest and one of the most remote districts in Nepal, got connected to the national road network. It took six years for Nepal Army to complete 104 km section of the 117.77 km Jajarkot - Dolpa Road with an investment of over 600 million NRs. The road is expected… Continue reading Vision beyond connecting last two districts into Nepal’s national road network

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Links for 23/10/16

All the World’s Immigration Visualized in 1 Map Are Americans better off than they were a decade or two ago? Are technology and globalization destined to drive up inequality? Asia Needs to Spell Out Changes They Want in International Monetary System Drones to deliver drugs in remote Costa Rica Ending Poverty in China: How NGOs… Continue reading Links for 23/10/16