Migration & Development

Interesting linkages between natural calamities, labor migration & remittances

According to World Bank’s recent Migration and Development Brief, remittances to labor-sending developing countries rise in the aftermath of a disaster. Moreover, those countries witness gradual increase in remittances in following years if extreme disasters, climatic & geological, affect more than 10% of the population – All developing nations saw rise in remittances by about 2% of average GDP in the first year following an extreme disaster and by approximately 5% by the third year.

14224815_336143173388923_4423095288722603944_nNepal saw 3 major floods and 2 major earthquakes during 2008 – 2015 period. Interestingly, the country saw increase in labor migration and remittances after flood events but increase in remittances and substantial decrease in labor migration in post-earthquake situations.



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