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Public debt debates under federal Nepal

In May 2018, immediately after taking the oath for the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had announced to take measures to control his country’s escalating public debt. Few days later, his government announced to reducing Ministers’ remuneration by ten percent, canceling the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore high-speed train and requesting citizens to… Continue reading Public debt debates under federal Nepal

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Remittance Economy and Nepal

Last month, after the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) released alarming data on declining net remittance inflows into the country in recent months, the country’s major newspapers covered those updates with much priority – few even explained the recent updates by linking them with the infamous “Dutch Disease” syndrome. In addition, some of the local policy… Continue reading Remittance Economy and Nepal

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Importance of Research and Development

The contributions of research and development (R&D) on economic growth are debatable.As the social and private returns from R&D differ across the countries with varying GDP per capita levels and the market sizes, economists remain divided when it comes to measure an exact correlation between R&D and economic prosperity and use distinctive growth models to… Continue reading Importance of Research and Development

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‘Make Me See’ dispelling darkness

KATHMANDU, Jan 7: The idea of giving back to the community has never been confined to the categorical divisions of age, sex, class and profession. Humanitarian work is better evaluated and analyzed by the feasible and fruitful outcomes it tends to draw to a concerned group of people. ‘Make Me See’ (MMS) is a social… Continue reading ‘Make Me See’ dispelling darkness

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Innovations to Help Nepal Achieve Open Defecation Free Zone

It has long been recognised by experts that inadequate and poor toilet facility results in multitude of hazards; mainly in the areas of health and economy. In the context of Nepal, correlation between the percentage of people having access to decent toilets and the child (under five) mortality rate has been well established but there… Continue reading Innovations to Help Nepal Achieve Open Defecation Free Zone

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Rethinking the Way We Offer Dakshina

Following long-established traditions, this year as well Nepalis spent about one month between September and October observing three major festivals of the country – Dashain, Tihar and Chhath. In Nepali societies, these and other major religious and cultural festivals are crucial for enriching social cohesion among citizens through annual family gatherings, and get-togethers with relatives,… Continue reading Rethinking the Way We Offer Dakshina

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Transportation Issues in Urban Nepal and the Way Forward

Daily vehicular traffic in Nepal’s metropolises, most notably in Kathmandu Valley, has been on significant rise over the past decade. Increasing inward migration, growing number of vehicles (both 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers), violation of traffic rules and regulations, and limited and narrower roads in the valley’s major areas are some of the key factors responsible for… Continue reading Transportation Issues in Urban Nepal and the Way Forward

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Big Data for Disaster Resilience in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. Every monsoon season, communities across Terai and hill regions suffer from floods and landslides and this year was not an exception. In addition, communities across the country also become victims of other recurring disasters including fires, thunderbolts, glacial lake outburst floods, epidemics and… Continue reading Big Data for Disaster Resilience in Nepal

Natural Disasters

South Asian Floods

Each year, thousands of lives are lost to floods in South Asia - most notably in Bangladesh, India and Nepal - at least 1200 people have been killed so far in the most recent floods in these three countries alone. For the September 02 Asia Pacific Issue, The Economist has dedicated its cover story on… Continue reading South Asian Floods

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Nepal’s Journey Towards a Digitalised Economy

With emerging technologies and innovations paving way for considerable economic, social and political benefits, most developed and emerging economies around the world have been working hard to join the league of world’s most digitalized economies. As a result, countries like Nepal aiming to become a digitalized economy have become a commonplace phenomenon as well. However… Continue reading Nepal’s Journey Towards a Digitalised Economy